Classic American Grilled cheese sandwiches

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There are few sandwiches which are as widely known as the grilled cheese. This sandwich has spread itself to all corners of the world from its hometown in the usa. The sandwich's popularity is due chiefly to the fact that it is surprisingly tasty and super easy to make. The cheapness has also enabled it to maintain its popularity during recent economic recession, where meat of's cost was not low. Let's take a look at why this sandwich is really great and where itself came from.

People happen to be eating bread and cheese for thousand of years, although the modern form of the grilled cheese didn't appear until the first twentieth century. The double slice variant took over by mid century, although the sandwich was originally served open faced.

Among the greatest things about the grilled cheese Smørrebrød is that it is quite easy to make. All you need is a slice of cheese, two slices of bread, plus some butter. The pieces are buttered and one them is placed butter side down. The cheese is subsequently placed on the piece bread, and also another piece is then put on top. The whole procedure takes about five minutes, it's very easy to make.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are becoming so popular that contests and events are held in honor of the sandwich. Every year a grilled cheese is cook away in California that attracts tens of thousands of individuals. This sandwich has proven itself and over the globe. Make one and enjoy this classic sandwich on your own.

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